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Virtual #FS - Huntsville, AL - Ingress Event Badge

Date/Time: 02-May-2020 07:00 pm Central
Registration Portal: Han Solo

Intel Link // Google Maps

Latest News

1:00PM – Virtual Mission is Live

Hank Johnson has finally re-emerged after a long period of silence. It seems he has some information he wants to share with all of us participating in these virtual events. Work together with other agents to get his full message.


Virtual Mission

Read the full list of Niantic events on the fevgames site: https://fevgames.net/ifs-at-home/

Besides the events that Niantic will be sending us, there will also be a Virtual Mission you can complete to get a badge. This mission was created by Agent DeweyJ. You can also acquire a badge for attending which we will give the passcode out in chat during the event. These badges are like the event itself, purely virtual, on the Agent Academy website.

Join in the Virtual Mission:

Video Conferencing

We will be using https://meet.sangoma.com for video and audio communications for anyone who would like to join in there. This is where we will be taking the photo for the event as well, which requires atleast 10 agents.

Use a Chrome browser if possible as it’s the most supported browser for the site. FireFox works, but isn’t nearly as good. Feel free to go start a meeting yourself and test out your audio/video.

Decoding Challenge

General Information

We will post details for the decoding challenge in the Telegram channel, so be sure to be in there. 

The format for the full encrypted passcode is xxx##keyword###xx where # equals numbers and x equals letters.

There will be 2 or more challenges. The first is the same as previous #FS events. We will give you a code and you can work together or solo (though together is preferred) to solve the code. The end product is a passcode you can redeem in your scanner. This code is only good for the first 100 redemptions, so please do not share this outside of the #FS telegram channel, as it could get shared out quickly and leave agents without a reward.

The 2nd part is a global challenge, but due to the time of this event, we’re not sure if it will still be going on.

Huntsville Virtual #FS POCs

Agent GoonieGuy

Agent GoonieGuy


Agent DeweyJ

Agent DeweyJ


To see more about Prime Tips, go to:  https://anchor.fm/prime-tips

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Only if the event is over! So go ahead and sign up to let us know you plan on coming at this link: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16820

Stat Submission Questions

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