It’s Halloween and we’re talking about The Broker’s Guild, EXO5, Ingress 2.0, and your calls. So, pick up your scanners, start hacking those portals and listen to this week’s Agent Academy.

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  1. Hey fellow Agents,
    My agent name is 20Bravo out here in Lincoln, CA. My question is about the Gaurdian Badge is it still going on? Or did they get rid of the badge? I took 1 year off from playing the game because the Resistance team here was cheating hard core and constantly bullying everyone on the enlightened team, ok anyway small rant. I started playing again and my friend downloaded the game and has held a portal for 15 days and no badge.
    I just randomly found you guys on the podcast app. I can not get enough of it. Thank you for what you do.
    Troy Richards

    1. Thanks for the post and comments!

      The Guardian badge was retired

      Here is the info that Niantic posted on the Ingress G+ when it happened with more details:

      Effective immediately, the Guardian medal is retired and owning a Portal will no longer affect it. In order to counteract the most significant effects of scrapers on the Guardian medal, we will adjust the milestones for the medal. Over the next few days, we will award an onyx medal to anyone with 140 or greater consecutive days and platinum for 80 or more. Agents that have not unlocked the medal will have it removed from their profile.

      Additionally, over the last few months, we have been made aware of numerous cheating allegations being published on anonymous websites and on social media that are aiming to disclose what appears to be private information about players gathered from the players themselves or from third-party sources. Please respect the privacy of your fellow Agents. Failing to do so is a violation of the Ingress Community Guidelines and we reserve the right to take action against any Ingress accounts involved in such violations as outlined in our Ingress Terms of Service.

      The Ingress Help Center ( remains the best place to report anything suspicious that NIA OPS should be aware of. Niantic takes cheating very seriously and we investigate all reports. However, not all reports turn out to be actionable and we cannot publicly discuss the results of our investigations. Thank you for your understanding and feedback.

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