Agent GoonieGuy and Agent s0h0 return to discuss the latest news, events, and ops in the world of Ingress.

Agent Intel:

NIA researchers are working on predicting the locations and dates of XM Anomalies through May 2019. A new global XM event is confirmed to manifest in March 2018. More details to follow in the coming weeks.
AMA is not out yet, but it was had, and we are awaiting the questions:
Article about how Pokemon Go and Ingress changed what maps we use:
Interesting article on Ingress and Taiwan, Mission day in Chiayi.
Quests coming to Pokemon Go, What does this mean for Ingress?
Niantic Buys Escher
Google Fiber exec leaves for Head of Communications at Niantic:
Harry Potter Wizards Unite, one blogger speculates will be released in July
Cut off date for the centralOmnilytics form submission is Feb 11.
PNW ENL runs scavenger hunt in January.

NL-1331 Coming to YOKOHAMA, Japan on Friday, Feb 9th.
Mission Day in Japan in OITA, on Saturday, Feb 10th.
Spain has a Mission Day coming up on the 17th of February.
Check the Agent Intel for all the links from this show, You can find the link in the Description

Wisconsin Based ENL Agents Complete the Million MU March Capturing 19+ Million Mind Units
501 pt star from UKRAINE ENL
RES Agents, Lost in the Graveyard OP covers Sao Paulo 15 Million Mind Units
133 Links during the NL1331 visit in Melbourne
RES from Brazil Capture over 90 Million Mind Units:
Over 250 ENL Agents Captured over 456 Million MInd Units over Wisconsin, Kentucky and Oklahoma
ENL Agents Blanket Phoenix Arizona with 31 fields Capturing 68.5 Million Mind Units

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