40: Ingress, A look back at 2018 and a Look forward at 2019. What’s coming to Prime.



Today on the show :  

  • Looking back at 2018
  • Looking forward to 2019
  • Going to far. Where is the #ThinTealLine ?

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  • Prime Update 2.14
    • Improved Speed of Checking for Linkable Portals
    • Multiple Bug Fixes (roughly 15 listed)
    • UI/UX – Portal level next to name & address, Portal Ornaments, Android back button works to skip link creation animation, store layout changed
    • Next Up: Portal Nominations, Regional Scoring, More Bug Fixes
  • Passcodes every day till end of month or something like that
  • Mission Day At Sea
  • Mission Day Requirements updated:
  • #FS – badge added with other upgrades for the dec FS and future FS events
  • Looking back on 2018
    • Most memorable moments
    • GoonieGuy – riding & hanging out with Technoblogical for recursion in Austin, and throwing 50MMU in one day was incredible.
    • ZeliBeli – I got 5-6 friends (coworkers) to play ingress with me and it’s been a really fun year
  • Looking forward to 2019
    • GoonieGuy – Updates to Prime, more ops, Chicago #AllRoadsLeadToChicago, #FS
    • ZeliBeli –  hitting 16 and recursing!
    • Show – a little up in the air about schedule and what it will be.  Possibly some format changes. Let us know what segments you like the most or dislike.  We want to do something that is fun for us, but entertaining & informational to you


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