63: Ingress bans 8000 accounts



Today on the show:

  •  Wave of Bans, False Positives, Producer Brian mentions a possible update next week
  • Field Tests city submission form opens up. http://bit.ly/2YY7Xbm 
  • GORUCK announces big changes are coming, focus on international events. Release feedback form:
  • Vanguard program opens up more slots: http://bit.ly/2GUWmni
  • Level 8 Day, 2x AP until the 10th (7pm CST): http://bit.ly/31t70d4
  • Prime goes off line. Nemesis at work?
  • #GlyphChallenge – Knowledge (August 9-11): http://bit.ly/2KwOjht
  • Niantic partners with “Leave no trace center for outdoor ethics”: http://bit.ly/33lQZqL
  • Niantic identified and banned 8,000 accounts that violated Niantic TOS for Farming items for item sellers, Delivering or distributing items for item sellers or Purchasing or sharing items from item sellers  http://bit.ly/2yMRRGT (Dirty Gear Scanner / Indicator? – bounce before it goes into inventory)
    • Claims 99.6% of the bans were upheld. (math… less than 32 accounts (DeweyJ and 31 more agents) – of those 8000 bans, how  many submitted a trouble ticket?)
    • On scanner 8-8-2019 at about 2pm CST for a short while – Community Post – http://bit.ly/2yPf4bz Next Enemy?
    • Video from restock portals for August FS events

How possible future Aurora Event might work – based on Glyph Hacks – (Community Post) http://bit.ly/33lfnc9

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