Ingress Discussion about New Items: Quantum Capsule & Aegis Shield, Prime, Hank Interview, Camp Navarro and Your Comments and questions!

Agent Agenda:
New Video: Top 5 Ingress Christmas Gifts:

Circle K

The Poisoner:

Interview with Head of NIA Hank:

Weather Effects brought to PGO, could we see something similar in Ingress?

Camp Navarro:

Aegis Shield & Quantum Capsule:

Niantic’s statement on the Broker’s Guild:

November Lima 2018 Schedule:

Christmas Ingress Song:

Ingress Glider Gloves on sale for 17.99:

Contest Update – You can enter a contest by letting us know WHEN you think Ingress Prime will be released. Leave a comment below with the EXACT time and day and you will be entered to win a $25 Gift Code! (possibly a google play gift card – getting circle k, shop.ingress code if it starts working again)

Questions, comments, ideas for the game:
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