71: Ingress 2020. The Future is Now



Today on the show:

  • Krug going to Munich? 
  • Umbra Global Challenge – Agents win! 51.1M resonators deployed.
  • AA Website fixed up – should be less “Scanner Like” – fewer issues.
  • Capsule Idea? – Friendly Fire Powerup
    • Like a Fracker but for a shorter period
    • Lets your bursters affect your faction’s resos and mods
    • Must be REALLY rare or screw up game balance
  • Niantic Official Telegram Channel
    • t.me/NianticOfficial
    • 12,000 + subscribers in the first 24 hours
  • Tesselation Scores after round 5
    • Enl 44
    • Nemesis 44
    • RESISTANCE 56!! (Chicago all over again! – Just with less Johnsons)
    • New Developments?
  • Intel Map Being Worked On
    • Hi folks, Over the course of the next two weeks, starting Jan 7 and ending Jan 17, the Ingress team will be working on updates to the Intel Map.
    • This work will take place from 10:00am – 5:00pm PST on weekdays.
    • If you notice any unexpected or bug-like behavior apart from 502 server errors, please reply on this thread on the official Niantic TG Channel
  • Colors Talk from Brian Rose
    • The 13 chapters and NEMESIS medals are meant to display a spectrum of colors that represent each character or archetype
    • Some players not happy with the use of colors (faction favorites?)
    • Going forward, we’ve taken this feedback into account and will be more mindful about what colors we use for the next series following NEMESIS
    • Difficulty reasoning (Read Post)
  • MDAS II: https://www.eiseverywhere.com/website/8588/


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