76: Didact Challenge Update and Ingress News



Today on the show:

  • #Didact  Challenge
    • In 6 days, agents successfully established 5,511,652 control fields and defeated the Didact global challenge BASE target.
    • If stay on this level of deploys we should hit the stretch Feb 22 or Feb 23
    • From Level 1 to Level 8 in 10 seconds!
      • Agent @RoLLeOwnZ, used the 2x AP window to do a new world record in Ingress:
      • links/fields to anchor: 395 / 755 – Level 1 with heat sinks and multi hacks
      • Started with 400 keys and linked things over a couple of days as Enl
      • Just before the attack he started the recurse window and recursed to blue
      • AP 640,715 for destroy & 642,465 for enemy portal (2X AP!)
      • Level 8 requires 1,200,000 AP – Destroying this one portal netted 1,283,180!

  • Niantic has decided to cancel the Perpetua Hexathlon event in Naha, Okinawa (Japan) planned for February 29, due to the coronavirus outbreak in the region.
    • Also, the Mission Day planned for the following day was postponed to a later date.
    • Unconfirmed – Agents who registered for the Perpetua Hexathlon: Naha will receive the standard Perpetua Hexathlon Medal at a later date.
  • Due to some technical circumstances the UK Cities of the NL-1331 are canceled. 
    • New Cities have been posted
  • PAC posted on 21 (an update)- Due to unforeseen interference & precautions, the Tethered Hand has decided to postpone this Live Drop to another time and another location.
    • Hints are shapes like stars and octagonals?
  • Ficto has partnered with Niantic Labs, creators of the popular games Pokèmon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite to pick up an original series, Ingress.
    • Ingress will feature geolocation interactivity on Ficto allowing for a much richer and in-depth and viewing experience.
    • Like WhereIGo?


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