78: The Short & Skinny of Ingress



Today on the show:

  • Cancellations – Postponements
    • All #IngressFS on April 4th are cancelled worldwide
    • All Lexicon Hexathlons on April 25th and linked Mission Days are postponed
    • The Requiem Anomaly on 9th May in Munich is postponed
    • The #NL1331X EU tour and all linked Mission Days from May 9th to July 3rd are postponed
    • The Mission Day in Ames, IA, USA on May 3rd is postponed
  • Extremely Rare Shields – did they exist
  • March 19 Niantic made the following changes to Ingress, which are effective starting now until further notice:
    • For the Sojourner medal, a Portal recharge counts as a Portal hack. Going forward, Agents can hack or recharge a Portal in consecutive 24-hour periods for daily credit towards the Sojourner medal.
    • High-level Agents can deploy two Level 7 and two Level 8 Resonators per Portal.
    • Portal cool down reduced to 90 seconds.
    • Portal hacks before burnout increased to 16 hacks.
  • Portal Scanning – in place and active?  What will it do?
  • How to pay while “sheltering in place” #INGRESSFROMHOME  (See infographic down the page. – from “Morovillar”
  • Perpetua exits and Lexicon is a no show – he must be sheltering in place.
  • Decoding Challenges – more coming?

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