87: Battle Beacons & the Kureze Effect



Today on the show:

  •  Jan 7th was Sojourner Day 2,500!
  • Kureze Effect  – Phase 1 (January)
  • Kureze Effect Phase One Cities
    • https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/17901/kureze-effect-the-formation-phase-1-locations/
      • Close to us – Chicago – Atlanta – Philly – Boston – Minneapolis?
    • The XM Researchers may identify some of these Portals and ornament some of them in the Scanner during the 24-hour period ahead. 
    • An interaction on a Battle Beacon will be counted for any one of these actions: Resonator deploy/upgrade, Resonator attack/destroy, Mod destroy, Link destroy, Recharge.
    • Scores will be published at this link. – https://bit.ly/AAKureze  (Case Specific)
    • Wins in NIA deployed Battle Beacons multiply beacon scores by 10.  Agent deployed beacons scores X1.
  • Changes to the scanner / Ingress since the last show?
    • Niantic Lightship AR in the scanner (Meshing)
    • Niantic Social
    • Battle Beacons – Rare and Very Rare
    • Virtual First Saturdays
    • Second Sunday Mission Days
    • Epoch Medal (Hacking Streaks)
    • 7 day hacking streaks
    • Helloween, Christmas medals
    • Level 8 Day Medal
    • Meet you out there challenge (Courier) Medal
    • Drones
      • Drone Hacks
      • Drone Recalls
    • Maverick Medals – (Drone Hacks)
    • C.O.R.E. subscription
    • Niantic Achievements (Airship on Stats Page)
    • Portal Scans
    • Scout medal (submit portal scans)
    • Scout Controler (Scout Controller on Unique Portals)
    • Adventure Sync
    • Kinetic Capsule
    • Apex?
    • Tessellation Ended? – Knight of Tessellation Medal
    • Happy New Years from agents around the world! (Brian Rose – Bumpfuzzies) – might be good for preshow preroll?? 26 minutes – lots of  Spanish.  Most places across the globe are represented. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulq1kspdt7Y

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