January AMA Responses Posted!

Andrew Krug, The Global Community Manager for Niantic Labs has posted the answers to January’s AMA. Almost 3 weeks after the initial post might seem like a long time, but due to Niantic employees getting back from the holidays, it took a bit longer to get responses to some of the questions. This week, Andrew […]

43: KO LAN or BUST!

KO LAN is all the rage this week, so be sure to check out youtube and search for #KOLANREADY to find all the videos from the Ingress Agents who are competing to go! Today on the show :   Andrew Krug says to watch social media for some exciting news AMA will be released a […]

First AMA of the Year!

Andrew Krug, the Global Community Manager for Niantic is asking for your questions! Head on over to the G+ post and ask anything you’ve been curious about.  We will be discussing it on the show next week if the answers are available by then. https://plus.google.com/u/1/+AndrewKrug/posts/JrCszdKJdFy