Update to 13 Archetypes Challenge. Are you missing from the leader board? Here’s why.

13 archetypes update

If you’re wondering why your name is missing from the leaderboard, Niantic has posted this information: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/51998#Comment_51998 NianticCase Hi Agents, Thanks for your participation in the Dreamer 1 decoding challenge. We’ve been watching the leaderboard and are aware that some of you have solved the challenge and entered the correct passcode but aren’t appearing there. […]

13 Archetypes, 13 Weeks

13 archetypes decoding challenge begins

Each week, Niantic Labs will be posting a new decoding challenge for agents to solve. This will last for 13 weeks. 1 for each Archetype. You can see the full information on the Ingress website: https://ingress.com/decoding/13archetypes As the weeks pass, we will post the information on how the solution was obtained for each decoding challenge.  […]