47: Darsana Prime Rules and Global Hack Challenge Update

Today on the show :   Last week – If you missed Vain’s GORUCK challenge information, go back and listen to the beginning of ep #46 AMA – Still Waiting but Krug is Down Unda, so may take more time. Krike? Crikey? Capsule renaming in 2.17? 2.17 came and went and no new option. Was […]

44: OPR Upgrades & Darsana Prime

Today on the show :   OPR Upgrades Darsana Listen on iTunes MEDIA ACQUIRED https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11007 WHAT’S IN THE CAPSULE? Submit your own idea for Ingress Agent GoonieGuy:  Put PINS on the intel map for all the events. [amazon_link asins=’B07DWQ8DM1′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’agentacademy-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e0ea866b-acbe-11e8-85f5-4583dc9c506f’] CONTACT & SUBMISSIONS SpeakPipe | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | +G | Twitch PROMOS VIDEO […]

Register for Darsana Prime

Registrations are now live for Darsana Prime! https://ingress.com/events/ Agent GoonieGuy will be heading to New Orleans, and Atlanta so if you’re going to be at either one, be sure to find him to get an Agent Academy Trading card!

Osiris Sequence Posted, Bucharest NOT cut from lineup!

Niantic released the list of which anomalies are going to be grouped together in an easy to digest chart.  They did forget to put Bucharest on it, but edited their post with confirmation that it was a mistake, and not intentional.  Because Bucharest WILL cut you.  So good catch there.  Stitches are no fun. Cassandra […]