47: Darsana Prime Rules and Global Hack Challenge Update

Today on the show :  

  • Last week – If you missed Vain’s GORUCK challenge information, go back and listen to the beginning of ep #46
  • AMA – Still Waiting but Krug is Down Unda, so may take more time. Krike? Crikey?
  • Capsule renaming in 2.17? 2.17 came and went and no new option. Was this just a troll post out there?
  • Investigate is now on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/wearerofhats
  • Global Hack Challenge going on till feb 15 at 1800 UTC (12 noon central)
  • Dunraven Foundation #13 & #14
  • Darsana Prime Rules: https://ingress.com/events/anomaly-rules
    • 3 Hours
      • Capture Battle – Faction with more portals wins.
        • Volatiles – +2 pts
        • 9 measurements – Phase 1 (2) Phase 2 (3) Phase 3 (4)
        • Raw score is the highest score achieved at any measurement
      • Longest Exponential Path
        • Up to 8 Links
        • All links must be in the anomaly zone
        • Cannot link to already used portal in the current path
        • Score is length of link(km) x link # in path, up to 8x
        • 9 measurement points
        • Raw score is the highest score achieved at any measurement
      • Artifact Collection
        • Agents Collect media sets by hacking ornamented portals
        • Trade to complete sets
        • There will be multiple sets
        • There will be multiple copies of each sets
        • Multiple sets will be counted once (per agent)
        • Raw score is the number of distinct full sets held by agents at the end of the anomaly
        • Keep sets as the counting of them may lag up to an hour after the end of the anomaly
      • Overlay: Empower Your Faction
        • Unique Hacks will be counted for each agent
        • Highest & Lowest 15% will be removed
        • Faction with the highest hack average from the remaining scores will win 75 pts
      • Total City Anomaly Score
        • Raw scores from each of the 3 competitions, scaled to sum to 100 total points for each are added to the 75 points for the overlay.
        • Highest total score wins 1 victory point towards the series
      • Global Challenge
        • Distinct Portals Captured
        • Each portal can only count once per faction
        • Faction with most captures will win
        • Feb 23rd – 1 victory point
        • March 23rd – 2 victory points
      • 1.5 AP for all agents during the entire series
      • 2x AP for agents on site during the 3hr window in each anomaly city (3x total)
      • LeaderBoards – Unique Portal Hacks & AP gained will be posted publicly and individual performance will be emailed to each agent.

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