Portal Submissions (Nominations) are rolling out to Ingress Prime Users

Announced on their Facebook page, Niantic has now added Portal Nominations aka Portal Submissions to Ingress Prime. They will be starting with a few countries and then later adding to the rest. One more feature parity item getting marked off the list! With this addition there are some welcome changes, such as being able to […]

Update v.2.19 Release Notes (Spoiler Alert – REGIONAL SCORING!)

Here are the latest release notes for v 2.19 ================ Ingress Prime Release Notes v. 2.19 ================ WHAT’S NEW IN 2.19.1? New Feature: Regional Scoring Performance: Graphical updates when running on lower end devices UX: Tweaks to XM spawning UX: Made a change to the edit icon to be easier to tap on UX: Added […]