New Ingress Event From Dec 20, 2019 to Dec 30, 2019 – Good ol’ Destroy / Deploy

Ingress Event - Global Challenge - Deploy Destroy

Agents, From December 20th, 1800 UTC to December 30th, 1800 UTC, we need your help in defeating Umbra. A global challenge has been issued to all agents to deploy 30,000,000 unique resonator slots before the Global Challenge window ends on December 30th. For the duration of this special event, the following modifiers to resonator deployment […]

55: Dark XM Threat Neutralized

Agent Academy Podcast #55

Today on the show: NEW SHIRTS! Check out the store: CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE: At approximately 3 AM, more than 400k portals were activated which should bring about the end of the Dark XM threat: Remember that the event doesnt end until Noon Central, April 30th, which is tomorrow from the time of this recording […]

New Ingress Global Event, Dark XM

Announced on Twitter and Facebook, Niantic has informed Ingress agents of impending Dark XM that will be appearing in the scanner starting April 25th at 10AM PDT (UTC -7) and will last until April 30th at 10AM PDT(UTC -7). Dark XM will be causing the portals in the network to decay faster than normal. With […]