From December 20th, 1800 UTC to December 30th, 1800 UTC, we need your help in defeating Umbra. A global challenge has been issued to all agents to deploy 30,000,000 unique resonator slots before the Global Challenge window ends on December 30th.

For the duration of this special event, the following modifiers to resonator deployment will be in effect:

  • 3X AP for final (8th) resonator slot deployed
  • Each agent can deploy up to two L8 and two L7 resonators per portal

To counterbalance the effects on deploys, NEMESIS has ensured the following AP surge will also be in effect:

  • 2X AP for resonators destroyed
  • 2X AP for link destroyed
  • 2X AP for field destroyed

A new metric will be enabled in your scanner at the start of the event. You may have to deploy your first Resonator in order for it to show up. As a reminder, this event is for deploys only. Upgrading a Resonator will not count as a deploy. Personal medals can be unlocked even if Global threshold isn’t met

In addition, agents are able to unlock the following global reward by deploying at least thirty million resonators that will continue through Monday, January 6th, 1800 UTC:

  • 3X AP for final (8th) resonator deployed

The First Saturday Bundle for 50 x L1 Resonators will be available to purchase during this event.

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