69: Dreaming of Ingress

Episode 69

Today on the show: Operation Essex now has a badge on the Agent Academy. You can find out how to get it by going to the page: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/community-badges/operation-essex/ Decoders contest – new leaderboard to run alongside original leaderboard Problem was traced back to those Agents who entered the passcode via Intel Map. No Time Stamp […]

Hank Johnson Available in the Store

Hank Johnson in-app Medal

Niantic Labs announced on their twitter that you can now purchase the “Archives: Hank Johnson Bundle” and if it does well that they will start adding a new bundle each month. The bundle costs 30,800 Chaotic Matter and you can get 32,000 CMU for $19.99 US The bundle includes: Hank Johnson (2018) in-app medal XMP […]

Messages from Hank Johnson to Carrie Campbell and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.

Hank Johnson sends a message to Carrie Campbell and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe.. What do you think? Agents, We’re a week away from the second weekend of the #CassandraPrime XM Anomaly! Hank Johnson has a message for Carrie Campbell and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. You can still sign up for an event at https://t.co/uC5QzobyXZ pic.twitter.com/vUt5SJkanq — Ingress (@ingress) August […]

Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and more at Magnus, Epiphany night

Agents are reporting that Niantic has released information on who we can expect to attend the Magnus events at Camp Navarro and Schloss Kaltenberg.  It appears that The Acolyte and Hank Johnson will be showing up to Schloss Kaltenberg.  While Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and P.A. Chapeau will be showing up at Camp Navarro. This could hint […]