69: Dreaming of Ingress



Today on the show:

  • Operation Essex now has a badge on the Agent Academy. You can find out how to get it by going to the page: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/community-badges/operation-essex/
  • Decoders contest – new leaderboard to run alongside original leaderboard
  • From PA Chapeau (Truthseeker) today in the community Forums – Round 5 – Valley of the Dead – “Truthseekers: I am led to believe that this Tessera has been released. I’ve heard of a few speculations where this piece might be, but am always prepared to be surprised. No clue was given to me. We probably have to wait for other Discoverers to report back their findings!”
  • December FS from Brian Rose Tweet – “We’re prototyping a new lightweight event format for portal control today from 3-4PM at the LA #IngressFS event.”
  •  IITC-CE (Community Version) article out – changes to IITC
    • Out for a while (Info from a FevGames series on the history of Ingress)
    • Original out in 2013 launched by Stefan (breunigs) Breunig  and he quickly backed away since it might be a TOS issue
    • In Jon Atkins (jonatkins) picked up the project and in 2016 he backed away only doing needed updates to keep it working (New Intel Address caused issues) lots of builds out there  
    • Nov. 2018 – modos189 picked it up – Yeah coming out of Russia!
    • The Community Edition (CE) is REAL easy to install on the desktop
    • Google IITC Button to get the Chrome Extension – not all scripts are available yet – faction only scripts may not be usable with this version?
  • Hank Johnson Bundle – 30,800 CMU – Til Dec. 19th https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/hank-johnson-available-in-the-store/
  • – Archives: Hank Johnson (2018) in-app medal
    • – XMP Burster at your access level x40
    • – Resonator at your access level x10
    • – Power Cube at your access level x20
    • – Rare Heat Sink x3
    • – Rare Multi-hack x3
    • – Very Rare Portal Shield x2
    • – Aegis Shield x2
    • – ADA Refactor x2
    • – Jarvis Virus x2
  • Purchasable avatars for player customization targeted for the 2.39 update. Original blue and green and the Toast avatar from April Fool’s day. https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/new-avatars-announced/
  • Starting Monday, Lawson and Circle K Power Cubes will be changed into a new XM construct named the Hypercube.
  • In community Forums Brian Rose stated: “We aren’t going to do yet another key locker in the short term. Instead, we’re working on a monthly subscription program that will include additional inventory space as well as other benefits in 2020.”
  • TODAY! – 2020 Events Schedules Jan – May We have seen your requests for information about Ingress events in 2020. As we work to finalize the exact locations, we wanted to announce the event schedule for the first half of next year. Here is what you can look forward to:
    • Perpetua Hexathlon: February 29th (15 global cities)
    • Lexicon Hexathlon: April 25th (15 global cities)
    • Requiem Anomaly: May 9th Munich, Germany
    • Redesign Mission Days Process – easier and scalable
    • We are also planning a few in-game events as well.
    • Call in from agent JBJBlaze


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