56: Abaddonomaly – Ingress discussion in an over-sized XM laden episode.

Agent Academy Podcast #56

Today on the show: Abaddon Prime, Week 1 – KAOHSIUNG CITY, TAIWAN – Res: 152.93 / ENL: 212.07 Ingress Prime Update v. 2.22 UI fixes UX – Startup loads faster Bug Fixes – POI nomination process Next – Linking & Link visibility, in-app support, map readability in sunlight, app stability, bux fixes & parity Exclusive […]

Ingress: The Animation – Coming to Blu-Ray, only $400

Out today! I’m not sure if this version has english overdubs or not. On one of the anime sites, it’s listed as the english version, so it’s a bit confusing at the moment. Vol. 1 Enlightened – Ingress the Animation on Blu-ray. Below are the details from the Announcement. There will be a Vol. 2 […]

35: Ahoy!! Agent Academy Walks the Plank

Ahoy, Mateys! Are ye ready fer th’ show today, agents? Straight from Davey Jones’ Locker, Captain ZeliBeli, Swashbuckler s0h0 ‘n Raconteur GoonieGuy are goin’ t’ share the booty filled with th’ iOS issues, information received from the old salt Andrew Krug, Ingress: Th’ Animation ‘n a special upcomin’ EBL episode. Sink Me & Shiver me Timbers! No […]