Out today! I’m not sure if this version has english overdubs or not. On one of the anime sites, it’s listed as the english version, so it’s a bit confusing at the moment. Vol. 1 Enlightened – Ingress the Animation on Blu-ray. Below are the details from the Announcement. There will be a Vol. 2 for the Resistance coming in April.

The price so far appears to be 21,600 YEN, which is roughly $195. I am not sure if the copies I’ve seen on websites and amazon.jp are official or rips. The price could be different if those currently out are not the official version.

Also, considering there are two volumes for the 1 season, it’s going to set you back almost $400. But maybe worth it if it never gets released on netflix for the US.

Blu-ray Vol.1 Enlightened

2019.3.13 (Wed) on sale 
SHBR-0521 / ¥ 20,000 + tax 

<The main story: Episode 1-Episode 6 recording> 
◆ Video bonus 
· PV collection 
◆ voice bonus 
· audio commentary 
 episode 1 (Takigi director, Yoshiki Nakajima) , Episode 6 (director Tochigi, Reina Ueda) 
◆ Encapsulation bonus 
Package limited pass code that can be used with the game application “Ingress Prime” 
Very rare items that are difficult to obtain even in the game VRLA, VR Portal Shield, Jarvis, ADA It is a special code included 

◆ exterior 
· clear three-way back BOX 
· Digipack 

※ Product specifications may be changed without notice. 

TV Anime “Ingress” Blu-ray Vol. 1 Enlightened SPOT


Blu-ray Volume 2 Resistance】

2019.4.3 (Wed) on sale 
SHBR-0522 / ¥ 18,000 + tax 

<The main story: Episode 7 to Episode 11 recording> 
◆ Video benefits 
· non-credit OP · ED 
◆ voice benefits 
· audio commentary 
 Episode 7 (Nakajima Yoshiki · Kiyama Shigeo), Episode 11 (Nakajima Yoshiki, Ueda Rena) 
◆ Encapsulation privilege 
· “INGRESS” package limited pass code 
◆ exterior 
· clear three-way spine BOX 
· Digipack 

※ Product specifications may be changed without notice .

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