iPhone X fixed in latest Ingress Update

iPhone X users have some good news today! From the Ingress Twitter: We’ve released an update to Ingress that addresses the iPhone X notch and has adjustments for screen resolution on retina devices. If you continue to have issues please reach out to our support team via this link: https://t.co/EWr6uMYbTM — Ingress (@ingress) September 24, […]

Ingress Update to Fix iOS 12 Issues

A new Ingress update is available for iOS users in the app store. Version 1.133.0 of Ingress fixes the issues that was plaguing iPhone users after iOS was updated to 12. There are some reports that the screen doesn’t fit correctly for iPhone X users and parts of the interface may be unreachable off the […]

Fix for iOS 12 coming, SOON!

iPhone users REJOICE! In an announcement today, Niantic Labs announced that they are working on the fix to make Ingress compatible with iOS 12. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you should still hold off on upgrading to iOS 12 until the fix is complete and tested if you plan on playing Ingress though. […]

33: It’s a Cassandra Prime Party

Cassandra Prime is over and we talk about a Prime Party, The final score, and what’s up next. Don’t forget all of your #ingress ideas in #WhatsInTheCapsule and all the news. Listen on iTunes SITREP ENL win Cassandra Prime 11:7 Philadelphia: 265.02 : 134.99 (ENL) Vancouver: 298.98 : 51.02 (ENL) Linz 268.55 : 131.45 (RES) […]

ALERT: Reports of Ingress Not Working in Beta Version iOS 12

Some agents using the beta version of Apple’s iOS are reporting that Ingress no longer works. This is possibly attributed to the end of support for RoboVM the engine that the iOS version of Ingress is built off of and the major reason for the push to finally get Ingress Prime released. This is not the […]