Myriad Update – Registrations, Badge Changes & Other Details

Registrations are now open for the next Anomaly, Myriad: There will be official merch to buy and added to the registration pages at a later date. One being a T-Shirt specific to the anomaly, and we can expect the various other things such as badges, patches and stickers. Currently, the readiness kits are available, […]

58: Android Q, Minecraft Earth, Ingress Lore and Abaddon

Today on the show: Using Android Q? Better use Prime for now [LINK] Updated Ingress Prime [LINK] Minecraft Earth [LINK] Enoch and Carrie Campbell dead? [LINK] Memo from nemesis suggests they are not dead, but trapped in shards [LINK] Dunraven #25 released – Calvin’s Welcome [LINK] YouTube Memberships  [LINK] Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify […]