Registrations are now open for the next Anomaly, Myriad:

There will be official merch to buy and added to the registration pages at a later date. One being a T-Shirt specific to the anomaly, and we can expect the various other things such as badges, patches and stickers. Currently, the readiness kits are available, including character badges (Victoria Kureze for AMER, Martin Schubert for EMEA and Stein Lightman for APAC).

Rules will be posted here when available:

There is an update to the policy on how to get a badge for on-site Agents. Nothing has changed for Agents who are recharging off-site. Here is the announcement about the policy:


We’d like to inform you of some changes to the onsite Anomaly medal process to reduce the potential for errors and to make things easier for players.

Registration via our event system is still required. However, we will be double checking that the Agent name and email address you register with matches what we have in our system. If your Agent name cannot be found (mostly likely due to a typo), we will send you an email to notify you.

In addition, for the onsite Anomaly medal only, Agents will no longer be required to have their registration ticket scanned or to hack a single registration portal. To be considered eligible for an onsite Anomaly medal, you will be required to register for an Anomaly Medal ticket and perform at least thirteen (13) successful hacks of Anomaly Portals during the three-hour Anomaly competition. The times for each Anomaly can be found at

This is a transitional solution as we continue to develop a more integrated ticketing experience. In the future, we will move to an authenticated registration flow, where you can register for events directly from the Ingress Prime scanner. In the meantime, we hope that this process will be easier and more reliable for everyone.

— The Ingress Team


There is also a new video with Calvin throwing some lore about Nemesis into the mix:


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