13 Archetypes, 13 Weeks

13 archetypes decoding challenge begins

Each week, Niantic Labs will be posting a new decoding challenge for agents to solve. This will last for 13 weeks. 1 for each Archetype. You can see the full information on the Ingress website: https://ingress.com/decoding/13archetypes As the weeks pass, we will post the information on how the solution was obtained for each decoding challenge.  […]

Rainbow Portals

What are “Rainbow Portals”? To support LGBT Pride Month, Niantic is asking Ingress players to make Rainbow Portals, which are portals with 1 of each resonator, 1-8 on a portal. Then take a screencap and post that on G+ with #IngressPride. You can earn a passcode good for you and 7 friends. So get out […]