What to Expect – GORUCK 2018 Ops Breakdown



Anomaly season is just around the vertex and with quite a few extra events being planned and available, we thought you might be interested in what those events entail. GORUCK posted a breakdown of each of the events and what you will need to bring with you, and what will be expected of you during the event.  At least, what you NEED to know.  We’re sure there are bound to be some surprises held for the event itself. So, be prepared!

These events are going to be challenging for the most athletic which is apparent by the list of items and requirements. One of our favorite lines from the list is, “$20 in cash for the cab ride home if you tap out”. I’d take an extra $20 to grab a beer at the closest pub. You can read the post in its entirety on the GORUCK G+ page: https://plus.google.com/+GORUCK/posts/RMBJs1hURFP

GORUCK x Ingress Anomaly Ops (Old link, but still some pertinent information to let you know what you might expect at these events)

GORUCK Ingress Videos:


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