46: First Saturdays, Capsule Upgrades, & February GORUCK Challenge

Today on the show :   Agent Vain with GORUCK Information AMA National park foundations Update 2.16 https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/ingress-prime-update-2-16-2/ Capsule renaming in 2.17? Darsana prime embedded reporter applications are active: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfrdDFYmiuoGhZIDUjJM8StVQ80S1BN66K5If806V_eLMMVjg/viewform #GlyphChallenge – Human – Feb 8-10 Listen on iTunes MEDIA ACQUIRED https://www.monarchwatch.org/waystations/ https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/ http://www.littlefreepantry.org/ https://www.youtube.com/zelibeli https://www.goruck.com/monthly-rucking-challenge/ WHAT’S IN THE CAPSULE? Submit your own idea for […]

Niantic Announces 3 New Operation Clear Field Missions

From a post on the Ingress G+ We’ve partnered with the National Park Foundation and GORUCK to bring 3 special Operation Clear Field events to you this August. Operation Clear Field will combine a service-themed scavenger hunt with competitive Ingress exploration at 3 national parks: Ocmulgee National Monument, Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, and Fort […]

Operation: Ko Lan – Video Released with Updated Information

Niantic has released a new video with more details for Operation: Ko Lan. With the video, a new Operation: Ko Lan events page with even more details about the event has been released. Here is the video:   What is Operation: Ko Lan? A new event from Niantic for Agents in Ingress from April 11-15 […]

What to Expect – GORUCK 2018 Ops Breakdown

Anomaly season is just around the vertex and with quite a few extra events being planned and available, we thought you might be interested in what those events entail. GORUCK posted a breakdown of each of the events and what you will need to bring with you, and what will be expected of you during […]

Operation Ko Lan

Announced during the closing of Navarro this year, an announcement was made about a new event.  In April 2019, 6 Agents from each faction will be sent on an epic mission on an island in Thailand, all expenses paid.  The operation is to get the Osiris Stone, which will give a big advantage to the faction […]