With enough A’s to graduate from Harvard, we’ve come up with a title for this month’s AMA’s answers. No need to do anything further, except for post a link to the answers, and of course a few of the ones we found important:


Q7: gr myrick – Is there still anything being done about portal submissions that are in limbo? I still have submissions from December that I haven’t heard back from, and I’m seeing portals that I submitted several months ago (that are still in limbo for me) go live from being submitted by other agents. Thanks.
A7: Can you reach out to me via Telegram (@RedSoloCup) and provide me the details of your submission? I’ll pass it along to the OPR team and see if they can’t figure out what’s going on.

Q10: Daniel Corunna – Is there more opportunities to have more frequent in game events such as the recent cassandra medal and today’s level 8 day?
A10: The short answer is yes.

Q12: Gary Tolley – Grogyan – Hi Andrew, there has been much talk about how AR from a mobile camera augments the visual aspect of games. Would you know if this is something that will come to Ingress Prime?
A12: Our Product Team said, “We think of AR as not just visual. With Prime, we are building a platform on which you will experience many forms of AR.”

Q17: Gary Tolley – Grogyan – Since the Cassandra Neutralizer event, what lessons has Niantic, or you would like Niantic to learn from for potential future events such that, requirements that require the opposition to do their part are taken to account?
A17: One of the lessons learned is to give some of the risks we identify more weight. Doing so would probably have resulted in the deploy AP bonus occuring at the start of the event, a few other tweaks we talked about making to incentivize game play, and likely would have resulted in a shorter duration overall for the event. Ultimately, there were some good lessons learned that will inform how we approach these events in the future. Not just the mechanics of the event, but how we communicate it, brainstorm beforehand, and the general idea iteration process. We typically do a post mortem and every event is an opportunity to improve on for the next one.

Q54: Fred Espenscheid – Playgrounds are 5* but what about playgrounds inside fast food restaurants?
A54:Like McDonald’s Play Places? Aren’t they commercial entities? The OPR guide says “ACCEPT if the candidate is in a park or community gathering place; falls under the criteria of public spaces that encourage walk and exercise.”




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