67: Ingress subscriptions, Seven year event, Catan World Explorers and much more!

Agent Academy Podcast #67

Today on the show:  Ingress Update v2.35.2 Agent Stats Group: https://www.agent-stats.com/groups.php?group=5a166782396828.47041194 Added updated safety messages to app loading screen. Increased XM brightness on high-end devices Added portal names to long-press menu on map screen (Also key and no key hack) Added help text to indicate why a portal link cannot be created Some store items […]

Ingress Community Released!

Have you been waiting on the new platform for Ingress AMA’s, SitReps, Discussion and where to keep tabs on all things Ingress?  Well, wait no longer! The Community has finally been announced and released to the public. If you log in with your Ingress account, it will use your Agent name. So, head on over, […]

46: First Saturdays, Capsule Upgrades, & February GORUCK Challenge

Today on the show :   Agent Vain with GORUCK Information AMA National park foundations Update 2.16 https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/ingress-prime-update-2-16-2/ Capsule renaming in 2.17? Darsana prime embedded reporter applications are active: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfrdDFYmiuoGhZIDUjJM8StVQ80S1BN66K5If806V_eLMMVjg/viewform #GlyphChallenge – Human – Feb 8-10 Listen on iTunes MEDIA ACQUIRED https://www.monarchwatch.org/waystations/ https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/ http://www.littlefreepantry.org/ https://www.youtube.com/zelibeli https://www.goruck.com/monthly-rucking-challenge/ WHAT’S IN THE CAPSULE? Submit your own idea for […]

February AMA with Andrew Krug, Now Active, Now Over. New Record?

The AMA was released around 11:49am and then closed at around 1:30pm, and in less than two hours there were over 250 responses and potential questions for this month’s AMA. This may be a new record! Are there more agents active of late? Changes in OPR and #FS attendance is up quite a bit because […]

January AMA Responses Posted!

Andrew Krug, The Global Community Manager for Niantic Labs has posted the answers to January’s AMA. Almost 3 weeks after the initial post might seem like a long time, but due to Niantic employees getting back from the holidays, it took a bit longer to get responses to some of the questions. This week, Andrew […]

First AMA of the Year!

Andrew Krug, the Global Community Manager for Niantic is asking for your questions! Head on over to the G+ post and ask anything you’ve been curious about.  We will be discussing it on the show next week if the answers are available by then. https://plus.google.com/u/1/+AndrewKrug/posts/JrCszdKJdFy

38: Ingress Prime is Here! Recursion, Pay2Win Claims and Charlie Puth

Today on the show :   Ingress Prime Charlie Puth Much Much More Listen on iTunes SITREP Niantic Listens to Agents on Pay2Win Items: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/niantic-listens-to-vocal-agents-and-is-removing-certain-items-from-store/ Beacons Pack in Store: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/limited-time-item-in-the-ingress-store-all-the-beacons/ Scanner [REDACTED], Unpublished now Available on Google Play: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/scanner-redacted-unpublished-available-in-google-play-store/ Andrew Krug’s monthly AMA started Tuesday: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/its-that-time-of-the-month-ask-krug-anything-november-2018/ Ingress Prime Released: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/ingress-prime-released-restart-at-level-1-new-items-in-the-store/ Simulacrum – Recursion Item Bundles […]

35: Ahoy!! Agent Academy Walks the Plank

Ahoy, Mateys! Are ye ready fer th’ show today, agents? Straight from Davey Jones’ Locker, Captain ZeliBeli, Swashbuckler s0h0 ‘n Raconteur GoonieGuy are goin’ t’ share the booty filled with th’ iOS issues, information received from the old salt Andrew Krug, Ingress: Th’ Animation ‘n a special upcomin’ EBL episode. Sink Me & Shiver me Timbers! No […]