Brian Rose, Producer for Ingress at Niantic Labs has made a new post on the Ingress Community forums about upcoming 2020 Anomalies and events. The things we talked about on the show now make a bit more sense as the Hexathalons appear to be flashpoint events contributing to the overall anomaly score with the anomaly ending taking place in Germany. Sounds very interesting, and I can’t wait to see how all the events unfold. You can read his post below:

After Umbra, I felt we needed to change the anomaly series event format. Some of the features I missed were ways for more players to contribute to the anomaly other than remote recharging — off site; as well as an afterparty with official merch and opportunities to hang out with the Ingress team — on site. In a nut shell, if we’re going to organize Niantic-hosted events, and if we’re going to use Niantic-hosted events to help our team generate revenue, then they need to be worth it. Umbra didn’t meet the quality experience I strived for.

For 2020, we’re doubling down on scalable, competitive events that meet our goals to bring people together, and events where players in multiple regions across multiple dates can contribute scores to the overall anomaly total. We need some time to refine what shape these events might take, and we’re currently playtesting battles for portal control, portal ornaments and volatile portals, captured mind units from connected cells via Regional Scores, and more.

Additionally, we’re organizing a small number of Niantic-hosted events with an official afterparty, official merch, and opportunities to meet our Niantic team. The first of this Niantic-hosted event type will be in Munich, DE on May 9. H2 2020 Niantic-hosted events with official afterparty, official merch, etc. will be announced after we confirm venues.

Yes, there is currently one Niantic-hosted event scheduled for H1 2020, but there will also be additional flashpoint events — a new scalable, competitive event format (separate from the hexathlon) — that are designed to enable more players to participate together as a faction, and contribute to the anomaly series.

Finally, to repeat something I shared with our team: Events are core to Ingress; they make the game better. They’re something I look forward to, they engage our most passionate fans, and they bring our community together. We want to enable even more scalable, competitive events in 2020, and on top of this, we’re also going to organize several tentpole Niantic-hosted events in countries where we have the most Ingress players.

To many more adventures on foot with friends,

Brian Rose


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