The AMA was released around 11:49am and then closed at around 1:30pm, and in less than two hours there were over 250 responses and potential questions for this month’s AMA. This may be a new record! Are there more agents active of late? Changes in OPR and #FS attendance is up quite a bit because of the recent upgrades in OPR and badge additions to the #IngressFS events.

We will wait and see what questions get answered and there seem to be quite a few asking about G+ shutting down, of course OPR queries and then I noticed an interesting one about win-trading being removed from the tos. This one may have been missed from a different part of the agent protocols or various other places that “rules” get defined for Ingress, but an answer to it will be interesting none the less. I can’t really believe they would take that piece out of Ingress as it could cause some immediate issues, but would for sure speed up the leveling for some agents. Let us know what you think?

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