First Monday in June, and Andrew Krug is at his desk! The Global Community Manager for Niantic is bracing himself for your questions. So make them good ones! Remember the rules though:

#1: Don’t ask about personal situations. I don’t have access to the ticketing system.
#2: Read the previous AMA’s. Asking a repeat question is likely to go unanswered and we both will be frustrated.
#9: Abide by Wheaton’s Law. Trolling and abuse of this AMA will likely get your comment(s) deleted and you blocked.

Also, it’s a good habit to check out Josh Stock’s curated archive of past AMA’s for your question to make sure it hasn’t already been asked. It may be a bit difficult as the search feature is not that great, but do what you can so you don’t waste everyone’s time by asking something that has already been asked.

Go ask a question. Who knows, you may get an achievement:
Monday Morning AMA

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