Seems like a surprised to have an update the week of the Abaddon Prime Anomaly. Not only is it an anomaly week, but it’s the series Finale. Could there be some last minute surprises dropping before the anomaly? End of Recursion? Special mechanics? Agent Academy link built into the game? Probably not. We’re guessing it’s just some last minute bug fixes to smooth things out for the increasing number of players that are using Ingress Prime for the anomaly. Below are the release notes:



In the coming days, you will receive an update to the Ingress Prime Scanner.
Ingress Prime
Release Notes
v. 2.23
For 2.23.1:

  • Bug: Fixed an issue with Ingress displaying a black screen after logging in on certain iOS devices.

  • Bug: Fixed a visual issue with the way neutral Portals are displayed

  • Bug: Fixed an issue related to the way Portal submissions are counting and being deducted

  • Bug: Additional fixes for issues with the new Agent tutorial

  • Bug: Fixed an issue where touch feedback was not controllable in the Settings menu

  • Bug: Fixed an issue where the map would rotate in the Attack menu with dynamic compass off

  • Bug: Fixed an issue with the missions button animation getting stuck animating on the portal interaction screen

  • Bug: Fix for Resonator spawning issue

  • Bug: Fixed an issue where the Mod slot UI may not appear after a Remote View

  • Bug: Updated the list of Android devices to display higher resolution visuals instead of the low resolution ones for devices with hardware that can’t support them

  • UX: Set Missions details scrollbar and regional top Agents scrollbar to auto-hide

  • UX: Improved the speed of opening and closing the Portal details screen

  • UX: Linking improvements

  • UX: Updated visuals for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy screens


  • Compass improvements

  • Improvements to map readability in sunlight

  • Overall app stability

  • Portal Edits & Reporting

  • Continued bug fixes and parity

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