70: An Ingress Christmas from the Agent Academy

Episode 70

Today on the show: Andrew Krug is leaving Niantic at the end of the month/year Scanners getting borked – Don’t freak when it asks you to choose a faction?!  Shut down – move – wait – reboot New Decoding challenge Destroy / Deploy event https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/new-ingress-event-from-dec-20-2019-to-dec-30-2019-good-ol-destroy-deploy/ Clarifications: Deploys – not upgrades – will count towards to […]

New Avatars Announced!

New Avatars Announced

Let’s toast the new avatars coming in the 2.39 update to Ingress Prime! You will have the option to purchase a new avatar. The first 3 that will be made available are the original green and blue avatars as well as the toast avatar that was used in the April Fool’s event.   We are […]

62: Myriad Recap w/ Special Guest Host, Resistance Agent DeweyJ

Agent Academy Podcst #62

Today on the show:  Myriad Global Hack Challenge Status Report: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MVpakaZk6X_p8Cog5ZXINp2fOSfSG1DhWiMYeEqvBCk/edit#gid=0 Success – double 8’s/7’s, Quad 5’s/6’s,  4min hack time till August 7th at 5pm UTC: https://t.co/YcXHdDa0gU?amp=1 Rewards Extended 2.5 hours due to a delay in enabling the rewards  Field Trip being retired – Andrew Krug mentioned in his TG channel that the word he […]

Ingress Prime Update to 2.23

Seems like a surprised to have an update the week of the Abaddon Prime Anomaly. Not only is it an anomaly week, but it’s the series Finale. Could there be some last minute surprises dropping before the anomaly? End of Recursion? Special mechanics? Agent Academy link built into the game? Probably not. We’re guessing it’s […]

Portal Submissions (Nominations) are rolling out to Ingress Prime Users

Announced on their Facebook page, Niantic has now added Portal Nominations aka Portal Submissions to Ingress Prime. They will be starting with a few countries and then later adding to the rest. One more feature parity item getting marked off the list! With this addition there are some welcome changes, such as being able to […]

Portal Decay Update

After Agent PopeJPMcD asked about the recent portal decaying issues, there was a post from Niantic’s Global Community Manager, Andrew Krug about the portal decay issue: I don’t like passing the buck or providing an update that isn’t meaningful. So at the risk of those two things, we know the what. We don’t conclusively know the […]

Update v.2.19 Release Notes (Spoiler Alert – REGIONAL SCORING!)

Here are the latest release notes for v 2.19 ================ Ingress Prime Release Notes v. 2.19 ================ WHAT’S NEW IN 2.19.1? New Feature: Regional Scoring Performance: Graphical updates when running on lower end devices UX: Tweaks to XM spawning UX: Made a change to the edit icon to be easier to tap on UX: Added […]

Darsana Prime Unique Hack Global Challenge Update

Niantic has clarified the ruleset for the upcoming Darsana Prime Unique Hack Global Challenge. Agents, We know many of you have questions on the upcoming unique hack challenge. The number being measured will be the number of different portals hacked per faction: each portal will count towards the faction’s total if it is hacked by […]

National Park Foundation Patches Delivered

If you remember the 50th anniversary of River and Trails promotion by Niantic where you could post a virtual story or physical postcard to Niantic and in turn, you would get a patch. Well, it appears they have been mailed out as agent GoonieGuy has received his.  With the patch there was a postcard with […]

Ingress Prime Update: 2.16.2

Nianticlabs is trying to keep Ingress Prime on a 2 week sprint update cycle and here’s what you can expect in the latest update, v. 2.16.2 ================ Ingress Prime Release Notes v. 2.16 ================ WHAT’S NEW IN 2.16.2? Performance: Changed the technical way XM is displayed, distributed, and collected. Agents should now see XM more […]