Bug: Fixed an issue where AP was not being awarded during certain steps in Agent Primer
Bug: Added support for the Android back button during parts of the Agent Primer.
Bug: Fixed an issue where the countdown box covered the Glyph dots
Bug: Fixed an issue that caused Resonator neutralizations to not play at the proper time
Bug: Fixed an issue where Media item images were not shown in the multi-recycle or grid views
Bug: Fixed an issue where a Power Cube would be selected after a Player’s XM bar was fully charged
Bug: Fixed an issue where the Glyph hacking screen wouldn’t progress after certain inputs
Bug: When Linking, text now shows that no Portals are linkable if Agent has no keys
Bug: Fixed an issue that with the Link animation that would prevent skipping it
Bug: Fixed an issue that prevented showing Portal information when not cached
Bug: Fixed an issue that could cause up to 15s delay before showing remote Portal
Bug: Fixed an issue that prevented Glyphs from being drawn successfully
Bug: Added support for Android back button in the avatar selection screen
Performance: When Ingress Prime is started or re-opened, pending animations will not be shown
Performance: Improved resource usage and cleanup for many Map animations
Performance: Improved linking
Performance: New Battery Saver mode that can be enabled via a settings option
UX: Portal state is now refreshed upon entering or leaving the Recharge, Deploy or Link screens
UX: For increased visibility, Shields will not be faded when fully zoomed out
UX: When Linking, Scanner view is more stable
UX: After Linking, Scanner doesn’t show next Portal to prevent unintended Links
UX: When Linking, if there are too many pending animations they will be skipped
UX: Links shown on the Map are dimmed to improve visibility when viewing a Portal
UX: Improved visibility of Ornaments
UX: Improved design and layout of Comm to make better use of Scanner real estate

Portal Nominations
Regional Scoring
Tap disambiguation (when Portals/dropped items/etc. are close together)
Continued Bug Fixes

To see a list of known issues go here: http://bit.ly/IngressPrimeKnownIssues

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