Ban lifting of “awakening” PV of TV animation “Ingres”. The animation image of this work will be released for the first time in the country. A huge conspiracy over the unknown substance “XM” and the battle of Makoto, Sara and Jack, which are caught up in the crisis of the world, are about to finally open the curtain.

On the official website, images of long ver, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds of 70 seconds are released. Please pay attention to high quality images expressed by “Smart CG animation” boasted by animation production company Krakuta led by Yuhei Sakuragi.http: //

The TV animation “Ingress” starts broadcasting from Wednesday 17th (Wednesday) 24: 55. The first story of the story starts on the same day and the same day as reality. Please watch the story that starts to move at the same time as the real time axis, in real time.

Furthermore, Netflix decided to distribute all the story simultaneously from October 18 (Thursday). After the broadcast of the first episode, it is also possible to view it by distribution at the same time until the last story. As the first trial as Fuji TV “all broadcast simultaneous distribution almost simultaneously with TV broadcasting”. We will challenge “new forms” of broadcasting and distribution.

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