Ingress: The Animation – Coming to Blu-Ray, only $400

Out today! I’m not sure if this version has english overdubs or not. On one of the anime sites, it’s listed as the english version, so it’s a bit confusing at the moment. Vol. 1 Enlightened – Ingress the Animation on Blu-ray. Below are the details from the Announcement. There will be a Vol. 2 […]

38: Ingress Prime is Here! Recursion, Pay2Win Claims and Charlie Puth

Today on the show :   Ingress Prime Charlie Puth Much Much More Listen on iTunes SITREP Niantic Listens to Agents on Pay2Win Items: Beacons Pack in Store: Scanner [REDACTED], Unpublished now Available on Google Play: Andrew Krug’s monthly AMA started Tuesday: Ingress Prime Released: Simulacrum – Recursion Item Bundles […]

Ingress Animation Release Date Points to Prime Release

Originally the Ingress Anime was supposed to be released at the same time as Ingress 2.0, the Prime Scanner. Almost sounds like a movie. And then, things got really confusing after the announcement that Prime would be held off until November. When the Anime was released in Japan, Agents in other parts of the world […]

37: Ingress Prime Beta is Here!

Today on the show :   Agent Zelibeli will not be with us tonight, but we have much to talk about…. Some people are watching “Ingress: The Animation” early Prime Beta Invites are rolling out Several agents received an email from PA Chapeau that led them to the Dunraven Foundation. Is this the beginning stages […]

Ingress: The Animation – On Netflix, in Japan

We either read the information wrong originally or it has changed, Ingress: The Animation IS available on Netflix, but in Japan. So if you want to see it, you can use a VPN service and set your location in Japan to do so. There are no english overdubs yet or closed captions so be sure to […]

35: Ahoy!! Agent Academy Walks the Plank

Ahoy, Mateys! Are ye ready fer th’ show today, agents? Straight from Davey Jones’ Locker, Captain ZeliBeli, Swashbuckler s0h0 ‘n Raconteur GoonieGuy are goin’ t’ share the booty filled with th’ iOS issues, information received from the old salt Andrew Krug, Ingress: Th’ Animation ‘n a special upcomin’ EBL episode. Sink Me & Shiver me Timbers! No […]

Ingress: The Animation – News & New Video

ROUGHLY TRANSLATED Information from Ban lifting of “awakening” PV of TV animation “Ingres”. The animation image of this work will be released for the first time in the country. A huge conspiracy over the unknown substance “XM” and the battle of Makoto, Sara and Jack, which are caught up in the crisis of the […]

32: Cassandra Prime, Take Two

Two weeks of Ingress discussion packed into an hour episode! Agents ZeliBeli, s0h0 & GoonieGuy talk about new ideas for the scanner, the upcoming anomaly, Nashville’s Mission Day+ NL1331 event as well as all of your comments, calls and ideas you have submitted over the past 2 weeks. Listen on iTunes SITREP Mission Day +NL1331 […]

PRIME – In October

October is going to be a big month for Ingress. Both, “Ingress: The Animation” and Ingress Prime are set to debut during the month or sometime around it. There is a great article on Variety who interviewed Hanke about Ingress. One of the items we liked was the fact Hanke said that prime will have […]