We either read the information wrong originally or it has changed, Ingress: The Animation IS available on Netflix, but in Japan. So if you want to see it, you can use a VPN service and set your location in Japan to do so. There are no english overdubs yet or closed captions so be sure to brush up on your Japanese first.


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  1. I see a placeholder for “Ingress: The Animation” on netflix (I live in Belgium). I suspect it was created in Japan (so original in Japanese) but will be dubbed or gets subtitels for the rest of the world. I see it as a netflix original serie so should be available internatiional and probably on the same day as ingress prime become available as a update for ingress (client v1)

    1. Yes, you can get to the page in the US. But you can’t watch anything unless you VPN to Japan, and then you can watch the entire episodes. Appears the Netflix release date was announced for Nov. Probably with the release of Prime

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