NianticBrian posted on the Ingress community forums all the information for this year’s anniversary event. Here are the details:

Starting on our anniversary date, the portal network will experience a temporary 2X AP surge from Fri, Nov 15 18:00 UTC (10AM PT) to Fri, Nov 22 18:00 UTC (10AM PT). As announced by Hank Johnson on his live stream this morning, agents Level 7 and higher will be able to deploy three L7 resonators on friendly portals. Additionally, the in-game Store will feature the following free, daily dead drops that can each be redeemed for 24 hours during this window:

DAY-1: Beacon – Toast! x3

DAY-2: Nano Pack (Resonator)

DAY-3: Nano Pack (XMP)

DAY-4: Lawson Power Cube x3

DAY-5: ITO EN Transmuter (+), ITO EN Transmuter (-), SoftBank Ultra Link

DAY-6: VR Heat Sink, VR Multi-hack

DAY-7: Portal Fracker.


To redeem a daily dead drop, visit the Store starting Fri, Nov 15 18:00 UTC and select the featured 0 CMU item. (Please note Ingress accounts must be at least 11-days-old to redeem all daily dead drops.)

Lastly, celebrate Ingress Year Seven with us by sharing your stories and sitreps of your favorites ops, events, and meetups on social with the #Ingress777 hashtag.

Thank you to all agents for being a part of our global Ingress community

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