Ingress Year Seven: Resurgence starts Friday (11/15/19)

Resurgence - Ingress Year Seven Event

NianticBrian posted on the Ingress community forums all the information for this year’s anniversary event. Here are the details: Starting on our anniversary date, the portal network will experience a temporary 2X AP surge from Fri, Nov 15 18:00 UTC (10AM PT) to Fri, Nov 22 18:00 UTC (10AM PT). As announced by Hank Johnson on his […]

39: Ingress Prime During 6 Year Anniversary

Today on the show :   Ingress Prime Recursion Prime 6 Year Anniversary Event Listen on iTunes SITREP Read about Agent GoonieGuy’s experience with Intel Ops in Austin, TX during Recursion Prime Get all the great ingress passcodes we discuss on the show this week Year 6 Livestream AP bonus coming for deploy & destroy […]

31: Level 8 Day Ingress Event

CAPTURE this episode of the Agent Academy Podcast with your hosts Agent s0h0, Agent ZeliBeli and Agent GoonieGuy. Today we’ll be talking about our shiny new badges, LEVEL 8 Day, the challenge of talking about the #GlyphChallenge and all of your comments and ideas about INGRESS. Listen on iTunes SITREP LEVEL 8 Day: Ingress: […]

Level 8 Day – Double AP & Double Deploy on L7 / L8 – GO NOW

Posted on G+ : Agents, In celebration of Level 8 day starting at 17:00 UTC on AUG 7 and running through 05:00 UTC on AUG 9 everyone will be able to earn 2x AP and L8 and L7 resonators will deploy twice as much (per Agent)! Enjoy! You can use the time converter for your […]