I ran by Circle K yesterday and discovered this new coupon that you can get from hacking the portal.  On select days, you get various things.  Wed, $2 K cash, Thurs, Free Coffee and Friday a free polar pop.

While I was there, I went inside, bought a Polar Pop drink and scanned the Ingress code and of course didn’t get the code but wanted to try anyway.  I’ll go again today and see about that free $2.     What has been your experience with the Circle K promotions?  What do you think about this new media type?  Coupons!


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    1. Weeks and weeks of trying to get codes by buying meal deals and combos and drinks to not get them regularly has led to jokes about boycotts 🙂

      I went to a different Circle K today and bought a polar pop, scanned my app, and with in a minute had the code. So, I do believe this is a store issue and some just are not set up to do it properly. Weird thing is that the store that stopped worked at, used to work.

  1. I went to my local Circle K this weekend but it’s not a portal so I couldn’t hack it. It’s a new store though, so maybe that’s why. I’m not level 10 yet either, so I couldn’t submit it as a portal.

    1. My local circle K has been here for years but has never been a portal.. would it be approved if I submitted as a portal and if so, what part should be the portal, the sign or the front door?

      1. now that they have stopped the circle k promotion, chances are it would be rejected as a “Generic Business”. Now if they have something unusual on the premises, maybe you can submit that, like a statue or sculpture or perhaps a mural.

  2. I’ve noticed something similar with some stores giving codes and others not. Here in Tucson there’s a Circle K on every other block. Wonder why some work and others don’t… Also tried the promo media scan thing and it only worked at certain stores, but it didn’t match up with stores the in-game code worked at.

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