69: Dreaming of Ingress

Episode 69

Today on the show: Operation Essex now has a badge on the Agent Academy. You can find out how to get it by going to the page: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/community-badges/operation-essex/ Decoders contest – new leaderboard to run alongside original leaderboard Problem was traced back to those Agents who entered the passcode via Intel Map. No Time Stamp […]

Circle K Promotion, Out of Gas

Check your local Circle K and see if the portal is still there.  Chances are, it’s not.  If you have a key to one of these portals, you can check by clicking on it and see if it takes you to the portal or empty space.  There are also reports that Zipcar portals are vanishing […]

Is the Circle K Boycott Over?

I ran by Circle K yesterday and discovered this new coupon that you can get from hacking the portal.  On select days, you get various things.  Wed, $2 K cash, Thurs, Free Coffee and Friday a free polar pop. While I was there, I went inside, bought a Polar Pop drink and scanned the Ingress […]