There are 2 new Anomaly Series coming up later this year. July 27th will bring Myriad XM Anomaly, and October 12 will be the Umbra XM Anomaly series. These 22 series are doing things a little differently so far. First, there is no Prime/Sattelite designation. Second, the entire series happens on one day, instead of on multiple. Third, Umbra, could possibly be the first anomaly where all agents are using Prime. As, September has been given as the date and goal for Niantic to discontinue Scanner [Redacted] essentially forcing agents to adopt the upgraded scanner, or retiring.

What does Myriad mean?

myr·i·ad | /ˈmirēəd/ | noun
a countless or extremely great number.
“networks connecting a myriad of computers”
synonyms: multitude, a large/great number/quantity, a lot, scores, quantities, mass, crowd, throng, host, droves, horde, army, legion, sea, swarm; More



What does Umbra mean?

um·bra | /ˈəmbrə/ | noun
the fully shaded inner region of a shadow cast by an opaque object, especially the area on the earth or moon experiencing the total phase of an eclipse.
the dark central part of a sunspot.
shadow or darkness.
Origin: late 16th century (denoting a phantom or ghost): from Latin, literally ‘shade’.

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