61: Harry Potter Wizards Unite Doubles the AP for Ingress

Today on the show: 1.975x AP event until June 24th at 7PM UTC to celebrate the release of HP:WU Multi-colored XM in the scanner to celebrate #PrideMonth Scanner update https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/1619/ingress-prime-v-2-25-2-release-notes includes: Compass Use of photo that is already on your phone Increase in distance of portal location from agent to 25km In-App access to support […]

Myriad Update – Registrations, Badge Changes & Other Details

Registrations are now open for the next Anomaly, Myriad: https://ingress.com/events There will be official merch to buy and added to the registration pages at a later date. One being a T-Shirt specific to the anomaly, and we can expect the various other things such as badges, patches and stickers. Currently, the readiness kits are available, […]

Will anomaly ticket buying be added to Ingress Prime?

Today Niantic announced a new feature in Pokemon Go. You will now buy tickets to events such as the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, within the app itself. Because of the large number of tickets sold in the past, and presumably, to help fight ticket scalpers, you will first need to sign up for a […]

Myriad, Umbra – Upcoming Ingress Anomalies, what does it mean?

There are 2 new Anomaly Series coming up later this year. July 27th will bring Myriad XM Anomaly, and October 12 will be the Umbra XM Anomaly series. These 22 series are doing things a little differently so far. First, there is no Prime/Sattelite designation. Second, the entire series happens on one day, instead of […]

Ingress Anomaly Series Announced!

We mentioned that this was coming soon on episode 52 of the Agent Academy Podcast, but today, it’s official.  Niantic has announced 2 sets of anomalies, which Andrew Krug has confirmed are different series. So far, Only 2 dates have been announced with no designation on whether a site is a primary or satellite location. […]

52: Get Toasted! Ingress News, Toast, Darsana Prime, with Special Guest Agent Toast

Today on the Agent Academy: Andrew Krug – Next anomaly series will be announced on April 5th! Also, September is the goal to retire redacted. Ingress April Fools – Toast Notifications Event Destroy & Deploy – 2x AP for destroying&deploying resonators Possibly destroy fields Frackers will output 4x for 5 mins Toast Glyphs Beacons are […]

50: Ingress Anomalies – From the mouths of Anomaly POC’s

Tonight on the Agent Academy we are talking all about Ingress anomalies. We are joined by POC’s Agent Tomogram from New Orleans, Agent Lawgeek07 and Agent darknyght00 from Minneapolis. We learn about some of the behind the scenes of what goes on to get an Anomaly event setup and what agents can expect to do […]

47: Darsana Prime Rules and Global Hack Challenge Update

Today on the show :   Last week – If you missed Vain’s GORUCK challenge information, go back and listen to the beginning of ep #46 AMA – Still Waiting but Krug is Down Unda, so may take more time. Krike? Crikey? Capsule renaming in 2.17? 2.17 came and went and no new option. Was […]

Register for Darsana Prime

Registrations are now live for Darsana Prime! https://ingress.com/events/ Agent GoonieGuy will be heading to New Orleans, and Atlanta so if you’re going to be at either one, be sure to find him to get an Agent Academy Trading card!