Niantic Labs has released a new post on the #Ingress G+ page.  We previously talked about this on the Agent Academy Podcast as some Exclusive Intel that Andrew Krug dropped on us. There is much more detail in this post that should help you navigate the Offsite participation possibilities during #CassandraPrime anomaly.

The Eligible roles are:

Other support such as donating gear will not be eligible.

One interesting thing is that the list of people who recharged during the anomaly will be sent to POCs for each city for verification. This will keep random agents who happen to be nearby who happen to recharge over the threshold from obtaining a badge for the anomaly. I’m not sure it matters, or what that step is there for. Maybe it could be removed to save everyone time and effort if it’s not really needed.

What it does mean is that if you plan to get your badge by recharging, then you should get with your faction and make sure you are on the list.

In the past, there was a process where Agents had to give photos of before and after recharge rooms, register and do some post anomaly checkups to make sure they issued a badge for the anomaly. This process was not only extra work for everyone, including Niantic. It was also exploitable and it was. In the last set of anomalies in 2017, Niantic tried out new tech that would keep track of recharging on the portals that were part of each phase. Now using this new tech, they will be able to issue badges WITHOUT all the hurdles.

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