On the http://ingressanime.com/ website, a page has been released: http://ingressanime.com/realtime_story/ in it they have announced that there are fragments of the story out there that we need to find and put them together in a way that will achieve a passcode that can be entered into the scanner or https://www.ingress.com/intel. The faction who enters in the most will win?

Besides the announcement page for the real-time story, there are currently three more pages.  One for each of the characters, Makoto, Sarah, and Jack.

On those pages, it appears that there will be videos unlocked with more story. Below are the translated titles of the videos:

Makoto story

【Real Time · Story Makoto】


Sarah edition

【Real Time · Story Sarah】


Jack version

【Real Time · Story Jack】

We will update this story as we learn more information.

Below is the rough translation from google of the “Real Time Story” page:

The story has already begun … …! !
What is Game & Animation Linked “Real Time Story” -! What?

Toward the start of TV animation broadcasting in October, “real time story” advancing on the same time axis as animation main title is written down by Mr. Tsukisa Tsukishima.
It is a story that follows the trajectory of Makoto, Sarah, Jack, the main characters of this work, until the day of animation broadcasting.

Fragments of multiple story pieces are embedded in various regional portals within “Ingress” game. Players should collect them and cooperate and complete the story.

When collecting correctly, a certain passcode appears. Please input
it with Intel map or application.
The story whose passcode is unlocked will be released on the official website.
The published story is recorded by the faction of the player who unlocked it first.
Which side can unlock more stories …! What?
The battle has already begun!

When the story is released, and the rules are updated, it will be announced on the
official Twitter: @ IngressAnime .

Please join the “real time story” on this occasion by all means in order to enjoy the mysterious original story quickly and deeper for the start of TV anime broadcasting in October!

To start the game “Ingress” please see
“Ingress” portal site: https://www.ingress.com/

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