New Ingress Event From Dec 20, 2019 to Dec 30, 2019 – Good ol’ Destroy / Deploy

Ingress Event - Global Challenge - Deploy Destroy

Agents, From December 20th, 1800 UTC to December 30th, 1800 UTC, we need your help in defeating Umbra. A global challenge has been issued to all agents to deploy 30,000,000 unique resonator slots before the Global Challenge window ends on December 30th. For the duration of this special event, the following modifiers to resonator deployment […]

62: Myriad Recap w/ Special Guest Host, Resistance Agent DeweyJ

Agent Academy Podcst #62

Today on the show:  Myriad Global Hack Challenge Status Report: Success – double 8’s/7’s, Quad 5’s/6’s,  4min hack time till August 7th at 5pm UTC: Rewards Extended 2.5 hours due to a delay in enabling the rewards  Field Trip being retired – Andrew Krug mentioned in his TG channel that the word he […]

Ingress Event Could Affect the Entirety of Darsana Prime

Announced on Niantic Labs’s, Ingress Instagram account this week: Are you prepared to go beyond the point of no return? Now is your chance to impact the world of Ingress. The faction with the most unique hacks between Feb 8th 18:00 UTC and Feb 15th 18:00 UTC will have the opportunity to influence gameplay through […]

EBL World Cup Division Placement

Special Episode of the Agent Academy Podcast where we fill the division slots for the EBL World Cup Live. This is an Enlightened centric episode and we’d be glad to do the same for a Resistance World Cup as well, just contact us. On this episode, we were joined by Agents durschdti and EisFrei the […]

The Real Time Story has begun… Find the Passcodes

On the website, a page has been released: in it they have announced that there are fragments of the story out there that we need to find and put them together in a way that will achieve a passcode that can be entered into the scanner or The faction who enters in the most will […]

Cassandra Neutralizer Medal

In a G+ post from Ingress, it was announced today that a new medal event is starting this weekend. On July 13th at 12:01 AM GMT and ending on July 22nd at 11:59 PM GMT, Every UNIQUE portal that you neutralize will count towards this new medal. The Cassandra Neutralizer Medal has 3 tiers. Bronze […]

Ingress Mission Days going low tech

Niantic posted on their facebook page about the upcoming Mission Days starting on May 26th.  Announced was a new format that won’t be using the scanner.  So you won’t just get a badge, you’ll get a souvenir as well! With the new format there will also be an optional portal challenge at one of the portals. […]