42: Ingress Missions



This is an episode that you’ll not want to be MISSION. It’s all missions extravaganza!

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  • Agent Essanian: I would like the ability to arrange banner mission icons into order, regardless of what order you complete the missions, and also an expand/collapse in the scanner for banners. I have over 1700 missions completed, so if I expand the mission section in the Agent profile in the scanner, it takes ages to expand, and sometimes doesn’t even expand correctly, and doesn’t show the icons in reverse order, missing some and showing the wrong mission details when hovering over the icon. If banners could be expanded/collapsed this would relieve the amount of screen space the icons would take up and the time taken to display them
  • Agent Arcticrebel: For New players regarding missions.

    Missions can be a lot of fun, but they can also say a lot about you.

    Did you know most agent’s first mission (The one at the bottom right of your missions list) is typically used to determine where people assume they are from?

    Did you also know that you can move missions to the top left of your list by completing them a second time?

    This is also useful if you start one of the fun but time consuming banner or mosaic missions but aren’t able to finish it, or even worse get one out of order. It may take a little extra time, but you can restart the entire series to move it to the top of your list and keep everything in the right order

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