39: Ingress Prime During 6 Year Anniversary



Today on the show :  

  • Ingress Prime
  • Recursion Prime
  • 6 Year Anniversary Event

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  • Read about Agent GoonieGuy’s experience with Intel Ops in Austin, TX during Recursion Prime
  • Get all the great ingress passcodes we discuss on the show this week
  • Year 6 Livestream
    • AP bonus coming for deploy & destroy event – https://youtu.be/_YkAb7QmoIo?t=2324
    • Updates every 2 weeks (roughly) – working on glyph hacking, UI, fixing tutorial, portal submissions & scoring
    • MD can happen in towns with as few as 6 portals
    • Optimizing Ingress Possibly where you can turn settings down to get better performance
    • Ingress: The Animation coming to Netflix Globally in 2019
    • Why Recurse? Understand what current agents are going through, and may be more changes in the future. Right now, just bragging rights and a chance to change factions.
    • PGO/Ingress x events? Shiny Cubone & Shiny Ponyta
    • Battery Draining? Working on it
    • Intel Map is old and thinking internally about updates, nothing to announce yet
    • Is the Anime Canon? It is but in an alternate Universe
    • Investing more into Latin America across all games
    • Will there be a way to distinguish between portals you’ve visited/hacked? Need to upgrade backend before they can add things like that
    • Please continue submitting feedback.
    • FS
  • Double AP 6 yr happened


Submit your own idea for Ingress

Agent VanyelAshkevron:  Firstly, highlighting any portal in your scanner that is a Unique for you, either Hack or Capture or both. Maybe coloured rings around the base of the portal?  Secondly, use the media-drop function as a way of encouraging regular play. 

Agent DeweyJ: Why not add key filters? Add filters to the keys you own to find those in a desired state?

Agent ZeliBeli: Friends List

Agent GoonieGuy: Dead Drops in the scanner

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