33: It’s a Cassandra Prime Party

Cassandra Prime is over and we talk about a Prime Party, The final score, and what’s up next. Don’t forget all of your #ingress ideas in #WhatsInTheCapsule and all the news. Listen on iTunes SITREP ENL win Cassandra Prime 11:7 Philadelphia: 265.02 : 134.99 (ENL) Vancouver: 298.98 : 51.02 (ENL) Linz 268.55 : 131.45 (RES) […]

Cassandra Prime Scoreboard

While Investigate.Ingress is down, there is an alternative scoreboard. which you can find at: https://gdoc.pub/sheet/1uGniHPtXGIAq0C769jWr1S9WjvqzzrdcVefQYX7Q600#gid=0

30: Cassandra Prime SITREP

Agent s0h0 goes Def Leppard Animal, Agent ZeliBeli goes MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and Agent GoonieGuy has more than a feeling to talk about, back from Boston and the Cassandra Prime anomaly. Hear about all the ingress happenings this week on the Agent Academy Podcast. Listen on iTunes SITREP August Glyph Challenge: CAPTURE – https://plus.google.com/+Ingress/posts/WHzGPs1wsbZ Cassandra Prime […]

29: Cassandra Prime Prep w/ new Host

We have a brand new host for Agent Academy!  Agent ZeliBeli of the ENL joins us tonight to talk about #CassandraPrime and what she is doing in her area as it relates to Ingress.  We also talk about scanner modifications and upgrades as well as who is getting Ingress Prime Beta Invites. Listen on iTunes […]

NL – 1331 X Coming to Cassandra Prime

New Events page for the NL-1331X that will be making an appearance in San Diego on 07-28-18 during the Cassandra Prime anomaly. There are supporter kits available but you can go for free if you do not want any of the load out cards or pins. You can register on the Events page:  http://events.ingress.com/NL1331/SD2018 There is […]

Classified Anomaly Intelligence Released

The rules for the upcoming Cassandra Prime anomalies on July 28, 2018 have officially been released.  You can read the full rules here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iX9uDUolaoYYNqs74kWVes7bYYLFHsN25NWkSP9Unpo/edit XM ANOMALY OVERVIEW An Anomaly is a window in spacetime where the state of XM at key locations can change the course of a universe. Each XM Anomaly is distinct. Our mission […]

Call for Embedded Reports for Cassandra Prime

Niantic announced that they are looking for embedded reporters to shoot video and/or photography during the Anomalies. They are looking for reporters from either faction. The deadline is 5pm ET on July 9th, 2018.  [APPLY HERE]   Ingress is looking for a few people from each Faction who are willing to help us gather and […]

Operation: Ko Lan – Video Released with Updated Information

Niantic has released a new video with more details for Operation: Ko Lan. With the video, a new Operation: Ko Lan events page with even more details about the event has been released. Here is the video:   What is Operation: Ko Lan? A new event from Niantic for Agents in Ingress from April 11-15 […]

Registrations – OPEN – for 2nd set of Cassandra Prime Dates (Aug. 25th, 2018)

Niantic has opened up the registration pages for the August 25th, the second set of Cassandra Prime anomalies. Here are the links: 25-Aug-2018 Philadelphia, PA More Info 25-Aug-2018 Singapore More Info 25-Aug-2018 Linz, Austria More Info 25-Aug-2018 Vancouver, BC More Info 25-Aug-2018 Incheon, South Korea More Info 25-Aug-2018 Riga, Latvia More Info It is important […]